Ensure Your Peace of Mind – Hire End of Tenancy Cleaners Newbury RG14

What Does Your Local Cleaning Service Entail?

Our end of tenancy cleaning Newbury RG14 service is designed to thoroughly clean all rooms in a given property to help tenants move out without a hitch and landlords – to find reliable new residents.

What makes this service differ from regular cleaning is the fact that you don’t need to provide the cleaners with anything. They will bring vacuum cleaners, brooms, dusters, window squeegees, ladders, detergents, and anything else to make your property shine. The lack of time constraints also means that the specialists will remove all stains to the best of their ability before they leave.

Why Make a Tenancy Cleaning Newbury Appointment?

Because we can help tenants end their tenancy agreement on a high note. We can also aid landlords in their quest to find responsible renters, as well as assist estate agents in promoting properties to potential new tenants. And we do this by making these properties spick and span.

Your Tenancy Deposit and How to Get It Back

Moving house is a complicated process that is anything but cheap. And, if the windows of your rented property are dirty, the kitchen is covered with spills, and the lustre of the bathroom tiles has long since vanished, then you’re just asking for a deposit deduction. The local end of tenancy cleaners Newbury RG14 will ensure that your bond is returned in full by following a thorough checklist, approved by a great number of estate agencies and landlords. We also have a 72 hours guarantee, meaning if something isn’t as it should be, we will come back and re-clean it free of charge. 168-hour Premium guarantee available now for a fee of £19.

Let Us Help You Impress Your New Tenants

The last tenants were people that you could really count on and, naturally, you want your new renters to be just as trustworthy. But you won’t find any if your property sports muddy carpets, dusty furniture, and a clogged toilet. The move out cleaners in Newbury will fix this for you by:

  • Dusting all woodwork and wiping skirting boards;
  • Polishing mirrors, picture and door frames;
  • Steam cleaning carpets and mopping floors;
  • Cleaning furniture on the inside and outside;
  • Dealing with grime and mildew inside kitchen appliances;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom & toilet;
  • Rinsing and polishing of all window elements.

Find a Dependable Service Provider That Will Get the Job Done

As an estate agent, you know that your battle is lost when the properties in the area look ten times more attractive than the one you’re trying to sell. Turn the tide by hiring a professional team of tenancy cleaners Newbury and find new occupants in no time! If you’re not happy with the results, just call us within the next 48 hours and we’ll re-visit the property for free!

Our Benefits Explained

Our main duty as a cleaning company is to present our range of services in the most convenient way possible. How do we achieve that? Let’s take a look:

  • You can schedule a session for any day of the week, bank holidays included;
  • Call whenever you have a minute to spare and our 24/7 customer support will guide you through the rest;
  • You will be visited by vetted and certified professionals who will stay for as long as needed to deliver the results you want;
  • You can combine our main service with gutter cleaning, gardening, rubbish removal, and many other options to slash our final price.

Call Today for a Thorough Home Cleaning Session

Scheduling move out cleaning in Newbury has never been easier. Call us on 01635 724 020, send an e-mail, fill in our booking form, or start a chat in real time – how you go about it is entirely up to you. Once you share information about your property layout and get all questions answered by a friendly advisor, the free price quote will be all yours for the taking!

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