Window Cleaners in Newbury Will Deal With Any Stain at Any Height

Smudgy windows can be a bit depressing, can’t they? Especially if the limescale and dust on them have formed an impenetrable layer that forces you to turn the lights on at noon. Cleaning the dirt with some soap water and a sponge may be tempting at first, but the risk of leaving noticeable scratches is just too uncomfortably high. If you wish to avoid any damage and completely enjoy the beautiful view outside, then window cleaning in Newbury is the alternative you’ve been searching for! How so? It’s simple – we’ll let a powerful stream of filtered water do all the work for us.

What Makes Us Your Go-To Cleaning Company?

As a company whose main purpose is to help customers maintain their homes, we’ve always aimed at keeping our window cleaning services in Newbury at affordable rates and as hassle-free as possible. See how we have achieved that below:

  • You can schedule your appointment for any day of the week, including bank holidays and weekends;
  • You can combine our main service with a variety of other cleaning options to slash our final price up to 45%;
  • Our customer support is open 24/7 and will happily offer you advice and quotes based on your individual preferences;
  • We can offer you same-day service, as well as a free of charge viewing and just as expensive checklist.

Your Panes Will Be Thoroughly Polished By…

…A team of professional window cleaners in Newbury. But instead of ladders and detergents, their van carries special cleaning equipment – a 22-metres-long telescopic water-fed pole that can easily reach the fourth floor of any property. A water pump inside the vehicle will supply the machine with water and the resulting high-pressure stream will be released via a brush-head at the pole’s end. As a result, all dirt, dust, and limescale stains will be washed away by the sheer power of the stream. The few remaining specks will be either diligently scrubbed with the brush-head or absorbed by the demineralized water.

For buildings that go beyond four stories, we have designed an entirely different approach – trained abseilers will either rope down from your rooftop or use cherry pickers and ladders to wipe even the farthest corners of your façade. For your peace of mind, we make sure to double-check all equipment, plan our sessions in advance, and can provide you with a detailed risk assessment and COSHH documentation upon request.

But our service benefits are far from over:

  • The local technicians are BWCA-certified, carry Ids, and are regularly checked by a Quality Control Supervisor;
  • The specialists can treat sash and bay windows, French doors, conservatory roofs and much more;
  • You will receive a free rinse of all PVC and UPVC window frames and sills;
  • Our convenient key pick-up and delivery service is ideal for when you can’t be present at home;
  • Interior window cleaning is also available and will involve the use of ladders and squeegees.

Please note: As the water-fed pole is attached to our van, we’ll need a parking slot within 30 metres from your property.

Receive Great Results at Fair Prices

You will hardly find more competitive prices in your region. Take a look at our pricing list and see if you can agree with us.

Disperse the Artificial Clouds Today

Our booking process for window cleaning in Newbury is just as convenient as the service itself. The main way to contact us is via 01635 724 020. If you’re not exactly keen on having a conversation over the phone, we have other options as well – visit our website to start a chat with a friendly advisor or fill in our online booking form. Or even write us a detailed email! Just state the amount and type of windows that need a good rinse and you’ll receive your free quote before you even know it!

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